April 2018

Fugitive British paedophile who fled to the Philippines three years ago after being released from jail is deported

A fugitive British paedophile who fled to the Philippines for almost three years has been deported.

Leslie Charles Russon, 52, was jailed in the UK for seven years in 1993 after being convicted of molesting three teenage boys.

After being released, the registered sex offender flew regularly to South East Asia in between days when he was required to to report to police.

But in September 2015 he failed to return and set up a life on the run. 

Following a police man hunt for ‘posing a risk to children’, Russon was arrested in February in San Fernando city, Cebu province, by operatives from the Filipino fugitive search unit (FSU).

The head of the Bureau of Immigration said: ‘We will deport him for posing a risk to Filipino children whom he might victimize while he continues to remain in the country.

‘The UK’s National Crime Agency officials have sought Russon’s deportation, and warned that the latter had no intention of returning to the UK.

‘His continued presence here poses a risk to children.’

FSU boss Bobby Raquepo said: ‘A Bitish court convicted and sentenced Russon to seven years in prison in 1993 for molesting three boys who were under 16 years of age.

‘The suspect frequently traveled back and forth to the Philippines after serving his sentence.

‘When he is in the UK he would register and report his presence to the authorities but he would travel back to the Philippines afterwards.’