April 2018

Rapist locked up for 23 years for preying on girls

A vile paedophile who abducted and raped a 12-year-old girl before arranging for men who acted like “a pack of ravenous wolves” to have sex with her has been locked up for 23 years.

Depraved Ibrahim Hussain, 35, was on bail for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in his BMW car when he abducted another school girl from Horton Park in July last year.

Bradford Crown Court heard Hussain, of Woodcross Court, in Little Horton, took the 12-year-old girl to an address in the city and raped her twice before moving her to a flat in Leeds where five men had sex with her.

The 35-year-old first contacted a 16-year-old teenager on Facebook in September 2016 after she had posted on the social networking site asking if anyone was “coming out”.

Judge David Hatton QC said: “Despite being twice her age you volunteered and sought to impress her with a photograph of your car and delusional promises that she would be meeting someone special.

“She didn’t meet someone special, she met you.”

The girl said that Hussain had picked her up from Great Horton Road and took her to Keighley, where he bought her alcohol and drugs, and sexually assaulted her when she was sat in his car.

Hussain was charged and bailed by police, however, while on bail in July last year he abducted the 12-year-old and kept her at a property in Bradford for two days.

The judge added: “You groomed her into having some affection for you.

“She was a very vulnerable girl with an unstable home life and you preyed upon her vulnerability, which you knew was for your own gratification.”

After raping the girl three times, Hussain arranged for five men to do the same at a flat in Leeds.

The judge said the men “could only be described as a ravenous pack of wolves” and Hussain made money out of it.

He added: “The effects upon her have been immense.

“She has been subjected to immense medical examination and has unsurprisingly lost confidence in male company.

“This has been totally, or at least in large measure, down to your utterly selfish desires, that you are unable to satisfy yourself with someone your own age you may have destroyed her.

“I hope not but only time will tell.”

Hussain was found guilty of nine offences after a trial.

He was sentenced to six months in prison for the first sexual assault and received three 15-year sentences for the rapes, which will be served concurrently.

He was also handed a seven-and-a-half year sentence for arranging or facilitating child sexual exploitation, bringing the total sentence to 23 years.

The judge ruled he will serve half his sentence before the Parole Board consider him for release.