April 2018

Anton Oddy from Thanet jailed after offering children money for sex images

A 24-year-old Thanet man offered children up to £5,000 to send him disgusting sex images after befriending them on Facebook.

Anton Oddy targeted six girls, aged between nine and 15 years, and then encouraged them to “play a game” online.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how during a three month period Oddy contacted the girls and told them his “game” included swapping lewd pictures.

Prosecutor Richard Merz said Oddy offered them between £200 to £5,000 to send him images of their private parts.

“He began chatting with one victim who told him that she was nine years old.”

Mr Merz added that Oddy then asked if she wanted to “play a game” and then asked her a range of sex questions about her clothing, calling her “sexybaby”.

Oddy then sent her an image of his penis and requested a picture of her “minnie” – a reference to her private parts.

He admitted six sex charges of attempting to cause a child to engage in sexual activity and was jailed for two years and eight months.

Judge Heather Norton told him: “You are a dangerous offender. You pose a considerable risk of causing serious harm to children.

“These were planned offences and carried out to a particular pattern.”

A psychiatrist who examined him concluded he had “displayed considerable guile.”

Oddy, of Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea was arrested after police were told he had sex images on his mobile phone.

Mr Merz said detectives then discovered he had used free Facebook profiles to communicate with a 13-year-old, unsuccessfully offering her £200 for images which she refused to send.

He tried the same tactic with another nine-year-old who told him to:”F*** off, I am not just a silly child!”

Oddy later twice offered a 12-year-old victim £5,000 “for 10 minute to play a game” and asked her for her telephone number.

The prosecutor added that the pervert then offered a 15-year-old £200 for an image.

The judge also banned him from using social media – including Facebook, Snapchat – for life and will remain on the Sex Offences Register.