April 2018

Woman hits out at Dundee shopkeeper who groomed and sexually assaulted her aged 12

A woman has spoken out about a vile pervert who groomed and sexually assaulted her when she was aged just 12.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, branded shopkeeper Rana Aslam a “dirty, paedophile scumbag”.

Aslam, 50, of Wallacetown Court, denied that at various locations in the late 1990s and early 2000s he carried out various sexual acts with the girl before having full sex with her.

He was found guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court of using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards the girl, giving her gifts including shoes and a mobile telephone, inducing her to enter a vehicle with him and driving her to various locations where he engaged in unlawful sexual activity with her.

The court heard that Aslam preyed on the girl on various occasions between August 1998 and August 2000 at locations including Dundee’s Wellington Square, Ogilvie Street and at Gourdie Croft in Kingsway, at a Spar shop in Dundee and at unknown locations near Arbroath, Tayport, Kingoodie and elsewhere.

But he was cleared of having full sex with his victim.

Now in her early 30s and with a child of her own, the woman said: “He was in his 30s and I was 12. He worked at a shop in Kirkton. I would go in with my pocket money to buy sweets with my friend. He said we were ‘really pretty’.

“He enticed us into his car and bought us a McDonald’s — from there the abuse started. It began with him kissing and groping me. He would buy me CDs, perfume and even a mobile phone, which I had to hide from my parents. One time at a flat he gave me and my friend alcopops and I pretty much passed out. My friend was really worried.

“When I was 15 he started working elsewhere and I didn’t see him for years.”

After randomly seeing Aslam twice in the street in 2015, the woman finally decided to go to the police.

“I realised that he needed to be punished for what he did,” she said.

“At court I was shaking and couldn’t breathe.

“He portrayed himself as this honest, religious, family man, but he’s the complete opposite. I want him to go to prison for a long time.”

Sheriff Rafferty granted Aslam bail, telling him he required reports.

Sentence was deferred until May 1.