February 2016

Kendal man caught by online police sting

A police sting caught a man making sordid sexual advances to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl, a court heard.

Iain Jeremy Stavert, 52, was snared by an online operation mounted by officers.

Stavert, of Empsom Road, Kendal, continued his illegal approaches despite being told the “girl” was only a couple of weeks away from her 14th birthday. He then engaged in lewd behaviour after their conversation progressed to a one-way webcam.

Police produced a dossier showing his criminal conduct. And when they confronted Stavert with their damning evidence, his response was: “My life is over. What have I done? Silly boy.”

He admitted one count of attempting to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child, and also an incitement charge.

The two offences were committed on 10th December last year.

A 16-month prison sentence was imposed today (FRI) at Carlisle Crown Court but suspended for two years by. Judge Barbara Forrester.

Stavert must comply with a rehabilitation requirement and a four-month night time curfew.

In addition, he must abide by the strict terms of a sexual harm prevention order and must comply with the sex offender notification requirements for 10 years.