July 2007

Rapist was accused five times before

A kebab shop owner was today jailed for 12 years for raping a grieving mother – as it emerged he had been accused five times before.

A judge said evil Abdurhim Yalcin, who “punishment” raped a 64-year-old days after her son’s funeral, was worse than anything in the “animal kingdom”.

After the verdict was returned at Lewes Crown Court it was revealed that the father-of-two had a history of sex attack allegations against him stretching back 10 years.

But incredibly none of the accusations had resulted in a conviction.

In September 1997 he was accused of attempted raped. He was charged but proceedings were halted.

In February 2000 he was tried and acquitted of indecent assault on an employee in his kebab shop.

In May 2003 he was accused of raping a woman in a wooded area. A lack of forensic evidence meant no charges were brought.

In February 2006 he was accused of raping a woman after they shared a taxi ride home together. Conflicting accounts from witnesses meant no charges were brought.

In July 2006 it was alleged he sexually assaulted an employee at his shop in Hastings. No charges were brought because of a lack of evidence.

Yalcin showed no emotion as he was sentenced by Judge Anthony Scott-Gall, who ruled he would not be eligible for parole for at least six years. The judge also said he took into account the previous allegations against him.

He said: “The woman described her assailant as being like an animal. That is unfair on the animal kingdom – they don’t behave like you do.

“What you did is really beneath contempt and you showed not a flicker of remorse.”

He added: “You are a sexual predator and women are not safe if you are at liberty.”

In the five day trial, jurors heard how Yalcin, 36, lived in Hastings at the time of the offence and owned a shop.

He tricked his way into the woman’s flat by saying he was sent by the local imam of the Islamic community to talk to her about the death of her son.

After having a cup of tea and a cigarette he warned her he had “come to punish” her before inflicting the 15 minute attack on September 28 2006.

When Yalcin, now of Beaver Lane, Ashford, in Kent, was arrested, through a DNA match on police records, he denied ever knowing the woman.

In taped police interviews shown to the court, Yalcin lied and categorically stated he did not rape or have sex with her and was working at his shop at the time of the attack.

He subsequently changed his story in the face of strong DNA evidence and claimed he had met the woman at 12.30am on September 29 in the street while she was walking her dogs.

He claimed they got talking and went to her flat for sex.

The first day of the trail, without a jury, had been taken up by the prosecution’s unsuccessful argument to have previous allegations against Yalcin admitted as evidence.