April 2018

Sick pervert pensioner admits sexually abusing young girl

A man in his 70s has admitted sexually abusing a young girl who he made dress up in stockings.

Brian Atkinson, 72, was due to stand trial next week after initially denying any wrongdoing.

But he admitted nine sex offences against the same victim when he appeared at Hull Crown Court on Friday. She was aged between eight and nine at the time.

Atkinson, of Wallingfen Lane, Newport, had to ask the clerk of the court to speak up when the charges were put to him.

He admitted seven offences of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and two sexual assaults of a child under 13.

As well as making the girl wear stockings, the offences included getting her to take a picture of him and film him while he was exposing himself.

Atkinson’s barrister, Paul Genney, asked for sentencing to be adjourned for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Mr Genney said: “He understands there will be an an inevitable, substantial, custodial sentence. He’s got to tidy up his affairs and prepare himself for the inevitable.”

“Can you hear me?” asked Judge David Tremberg, addressing the defendant.

“I can now,” said Atkinson.

The judge said: “Good. Right. I’m going to adjourn your case for sentence in less than a month on.

“The purpose of the adjournment is to allow for the preparation of a pre-sentence report; that’s a report prepared by a probation officer with your help.

“It tells the court about your background and your personal circumstances and what lay behind this offending.

“You should understand that in granting you bail on the same terms you have had until now, and in calling for a pre-sentence report, you should not think when you come back to court for sentence you won’t get locked up, because you can expect to get locked up for a substantial period. That’s for another judge on another day.”

Atkinson, who was ordered to register as a sex offender, will be sentenced at a date to be arranged. He was released on conditional bail.