April 2018

Paedophile who fled the country to avoid trial has been jailed

A paedophile rapist who fled the country to avoid trial has been jailed for 18 years after being extradited back to the West Midlands.

Bogdan Bernavic, 26, who at the time lived on Old Church Road, Coventry had groomed and abused a 13-year-old schoolgirl after repeatedly plying her with drink and drugs.

He was initially arrested after being spotted picking her up from school in his Mercedes in 2014.

The evil predator was charged with multiple rape offences in January 2017 but fled while on court bail.

Officers working with overseas officials tracked him to Romania in March.

Realising the net was drawing in, Bernavic made a last-ditch attempt to evade justice and booked a flight to Spain.

When he arrived at the airport on March 16 this year, instead of boarding a flight to Madrid, he was greeted by officials and extradited to the UK to serve out his sentence.

He was sentenced last Wednesday at Warwick Crown Court where he was also placed on the Sex Offender Register indefinitely.