March 2018

Devon ‘pervert’ found with 599 indecent pictures of children after police raid

A Brixham man who downloaded hundreds of sickening images of child abuse has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Robert Moore, 71, was found in possession of 599 indecent pictures of children when police raided his home in Brixham in 2016.

The images were found on three of his computer devices – some of the movies and pictures were in the most serious category and showed the physical abuse of children by adults.

But the judge decided to spare Moore jail after he was told the defendant had been lonely at the time and presented a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Judge David Evans said: “You should rightly be ashamed of yourself.

“People like you generate the demand for these images. Without any audience composed of people like you far fewer innocent children would be physically abused. It’s disgusting to think of the pleasure people like you seem to derive from the destruction of young lives.”

Prosecutor Francesca Whebell said police went to his house in January 2016. They seized the devices and analysed the internet history.

They found more than one million images, said the prosecutor.

Ms Whebell said of the 599 indecent images, there were 83 stills and 51 movies in the most serious category.

The search history showed he had actively been looking for child abuse material.

Judge Evans said it was difficult to determine what the sentence should be considering not all of the one million images had been analysed by police.

“I can see it is convenient,” he said.

“But defendants who would go away for some time are not because the prosecution are taking the easy route.”