March 2018

Lewis Casey, 21, will be sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court in April

THE sentence of a convicted sex offender who ‘boasted’ about committing further acts of abuse online was adjourned because a full day is needed for the hearing, prosecutors say.

Judge Jonathan Fuller QC raised concerns about the work of CPS Wessex after a hearing for 21-year-old Lewis Casey was pushed back.

Casey, currently an inmate of HMP Ashfield in Pucklechurch, Bristol, has admitted 18 offences, and appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday afternoon for sentence.

However, the case was unable to go ahead due to problems with the service of papers.

Judge Fuller also highlighted issued with a “piecemeal” indictment and said information pertinent to the sentencing had not been disclosed to the court.

Victims’ families had attended the court for the hearing. It was heard that families had “expressed frustration”.

The sentence was adjourned until April so more time can be given for the hearing.

“This case involves very serious allegations of sexual abuse against young children by a registered sex offender who at the time of the investigation was serving a custodial sentence,” a spokesperson for the CPS said.

“In 2016, this defendant was convicted of similar offences of a sexual nature against other children and for offences of making and possessing indecent images of children. There were in the region of 60,000 images found on his devices.

“Following his conviction and sentence further work was undertaken in relation to the defendant’s use of the internet and online chat rooms.

“This work revealed conversations the defendant had with unknown persons boasting about other abuse he had committed on more children together with further indecent images and sexual conversations with other people he clearly believed to be children.

“Some of the children he abused were identified and spoken to.

“As a consequence of this further investigation the defendant was charged with additional offences.”

Two hours were initially set aside on March 23 for the sentencing hearing.

“The judge sought additional time to consider the case and has set the matter down for a full day in which to consider the sentence,” the CPS spokesperson said.