March 2018

Pervert groomed and abused eight-year-old boy

A pervert who groomed and abused a boy with learning difficulties has been jailed for nine years 10 months.

Kenneth Holmes was described as presenting a continuing danger to the public and given an extended sentence meaning he will be monitored for two years two months longer than normal when freed.

The 65-year-old was jailed for eight years in 2001 for rape and linked offences involving another boy with learning difficulties.

Holmes struck again after ingratiating himself with the family of an eight year old, who had similar problems to the earlier victim, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

The scheming paedophile gave the boy money and got him interested in his dog, explained Mr Andrew Baker, prosecuting.

The pet provided the defendant with an excuse to invite the boy round to his home.

He also took the lad on days out with the permission of the victim’s unsuspecting parents who knew nothing of his background.

Then, one day the child was seriously sexually assaulted at the home of Holmes, the court heard.

The boy was too embarrassed to tell his mother or father of his ordeal.

He finally broke his silence to reveal the truth to a social worker on May 17 last year.

Holmes denied the allegations, as he had with his earlier victim before being convicted after a trial.

On this occasion he waited until the last moment before changing his plea to guilty on the day of trial.

Mr Baker concluded: “He is a real danger to young and vulnerable people.”

The defendant, from Harwood Street, West Bromwich, admitted sexually assaulting a male child under the age of 13 and causing or inciting a male child to engage in sexual activity.