March 2018

Scots fiend booted out of Australia over child sex images is brother of monster who abducted and abused teen girl

A FIEND booted out of Australia over child sex images is the brother of a monster who abducted and abused a 14-year-old girl.

Neighbours are furious that evil John Browning, 51, is back living with his mum near a school after his 15-month jail rap Down Under.

The deported beast had a stash of sick material and had secretly filmed a kid in the shower.

His sibling is paedophile James McMillan who snatched a girl off the street then forced her to strip and perform a sex act.

Residents living near Browning in Clackmannan demanded he is moved.

One local, who asked not to be named, said: “There’s a school and play parks on his doorstep.

“He clearly is a danger to our kids. The authorities need to get him moved.”

Another neighbour said: “I have kids. We don’t feel safe. His brother carried out a shocking crime. We want him out.”

Dad of one Browning was busted in Moree, New South Wales, in 2015. Five victims were later identified.

McMillan, 47, who changed his name, is still serving a six-year jail sentence for the abduction and abuse in nearby Dollar in 2010.