March 2018

‘Dangerous’ paedophile used the internet to find a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture

A ‘dangerous’ paedophile who used the internet to find a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture has been jailed for nine years.

Aaron St Omer, 32, of Woodford Green, Essex, was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment, with four years extended licence due to dangerousness

An investigation by the Met’s Proactive Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Unit uncovered evidence which showed St Omer was using online communication to get hold of a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture.

On 10 August 2017, police arrested St Omer at the Wetherspoons’ The Masque Haunt in Old Street.

He was found to have a number of sex toys in his possession as well as class A, B and C drugs and an extendable baton.

St Omer was previously found guilty of a string of offences on January 30 at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Those offences included; arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, supplying class A drugs, possession with intent to supply class A, B and C drugs and possession of an offensive weapon.

In one message sent on grindr, Omer told another user that he wanted to ‘rape kids’.

Under the username NoLimitRentMe, he told the Grindr user, who is a witness in the case: ‘I want master, sadistic, sick, extreme fucked up enough to watch some torture, capable of making me rape family, kidnapped friends or kids.’

The witness told the court he was ‘horrified’ and decided to try and discover Omer’s identify to forward him to the police. When he asked Omer if he ‘brings his fantasies to reality’, the defendant allegedly replied “Yes”

‘You raped kids?’ the witness asked. Omer is said to have replied: ‘Everything including the victim are provided.

‘They spray liquid latex in me all over and told what to do. If it is permanently damaged then they would help obliterate the body if it let go too soon.

‘I injected it, chemmed it up, was made to inject my blood into it.’

The witness told the court he was disturbed by Omer using the word ‘it’ to describe a child. After the witness passed the messages to police, then gave them access to his Grindr account.

An officer known as ‘Kev’ used it to arrange a meeting with Omer, using encrypted messaging service Wicker.

Omer believed Kev had a child. When he turned up at the pub, he was arrested with three different drugs, some potentially lethal

The drugs included two grams of crystal meth, GBL, which is used as a recreational intoxicant with effects similar to alcohol, and chloroethylcathinone, a stimulant designer drug

Aaron St Omer, of Montalt Road, Woodford, ran a security company Jiko-Bouei Defence and Security and describes himself as a Karate consultant on his Facebook page.