March 2018: Now released back into Northampton

August 2011

Rapist who subjected teenage girl repeated sexual assaults jailed for 15 years

A rapist who subjected a teenage girl to repeated rapes and sexual assaults has been jailed for 15 years.

Maurice Culverhouse, aged 39, known as Sam, was convicted of eight serious sexual offences after a four-day trial at Northampton Crown Court last month.

He had denied forcing the teenager into performing repeated sex acts but was found guilty by unanimous verdicts.

At Leicester Crown Court yesterday, Culverhouse was jailed for 15 years by Judge Michael Fowler, who described his offending as “a campaign of rape” and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for life.

The judge said: “These are appalling offences. You have, in your corrupted and perverted view of these matters, sought to lay blame on her. There can be no blame on her. You used your bulk and no doubt your reputation to intimidate her into submitting to the offences you forced upon her.

“She was wholly the victim, who continues to suffer,” the judge added.

“You’ve a bad record of offending, including for robbery with a firearm, assaults and offences resulting in the past with you serving five years for robbery and months in custody for grievous bodily harm.

“However, since 2001 you haven’t been in trouble, apart from a lapse in 2008 involving drugs. Although you’ve stayed out of trouble, it can’t be ignored you have past history. It’s the first time you’ve found yourself accused of sexual offences.”

Culverhouse, of Upland Road, The Headlands, Northampton was found guilty of eight charges of rape, assault by penetration and causing a person to engage in sexual activity and pleaded guilty to three other sexual offences.

Piers Reed, prosecuting, said: “He is said by some of the people who know him to have a controlling personality.”

Last August, his victim revealed she had been repeatedly forced into performing sex acts with Culverhouse which then escalated to rapes.

The complainant, whose identity cannot be published, made the allegations publicly when Culverhouse had been present.

Mr Reed said: “The next thing was a series of texts were sent over a few days. ‘Have you phoned the police?’ ‘I’m truly sorry’, and ‘I deserve to die’.”