March 2018

Child killer sentenced to life

A vile dad who shook his baby son to death just days after social workers reduced their supervision of him in the belief he was a “loving and devoted’ parent, has been sentenced to life

David Christie, 35, had been identified as needing extra support from healthcare professionals as the mother of his child was in hospital due to mental illness.

But just two days after a meeting in which officials said Christie had made made “good progress” his six week old son Marshall was found unresponsive with severe brain injuries at their home in Blackpool.

The youngster was rushed to hospital but died five days later.

Tests showed Marshall suffered injuries consistent with ‘serial shaking events,’ fractured ribs, plus further bruising on his head, back and genital area.

The baby also suffered catastrophic and unsurvivable brain injuries,

At Preston Crown Court, Christie originally from Glasgow was convicted of murder by a unanimous verdict and was ordered to serve a minimum of 12 years.

He claimed he had found his son “blue” and floppy and shook him in an attempt to rouse him.