March 2018

Man jailed for child sexual abuse images

A man has been jailed for downloading child sexual abuse images

Steven Suckley had already been handed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) when he downloaded more than 200 pictures and videos of child abuse.

In 2011 Suckley was given a community order with sex offender treatment after a conviction for causing a child under 16 to watch sexual acts and making indecent images of a child.

The 41-year-old underwent treatment and had been banned from contacting under-age girls online.

But in January last year police discovered he had re-offended, after they found he visited an online chatroom and looked at a child abuse image.

When challenged, Suckley put his head in his hands and told police: ‘I tried so hard not to but it started again and I messed it all up.’

He was found to own 53 child abuse videos and five child abuse still photos.

Then in September, police discovered Suckley had downloaded more child abuse material – including 193 photos deemed to be in highest abuse level Category A.

In October police found evidence of him accessing a ‘teen chat’ social media site.

Suckley, of Ambleside Avenue, pleaded guilty to six charges of making indecent images of a child and two breaches of the SOPO.

Giles Tippett, defending, said: ‘He looked on the Internet to seek solace through others, through communication and chat. ‘He is assessed as suitable for a new community programme, it will enhance work he has already done.

‘Immediate custody will punish him, but when he comes out he will be at greater risk. Nothing will have changed and he will have learnt no more.’

But Suckley was jailed for 40 months, with Judge Peter Blair QC telling him: ‘I’m left with no realistic alternative but to send you to prison today. ‘The time has come when the court has to say enough is enough. ‘You know what the law is. ‘You had those Sexual Offences Prevention Orders, which you breached twice.’