March 2018

Paedophile jailed after friends create fake Facebook profile to catch him out

A pervert who was rumbled when a group of friends-turned created a fake Facebook profile of a 14-year old has been jailed.

Peter Gold, of Folly View Road, Faringdon, was set to stand trial, but in a last minute change of heart pleaded guilty to one count of attempted sexual communication with a child.

Oxford Crown Court heard, as the 57-year old was sentenced yesterday, how a group of three friends had become suspicious when they saw an apparent lewd comment on another social media site made by Gold.

Deciding they would try and catch him out, they created a fake Facebook profile of a fictional 14-year old boy they named James Andrews.

Between June 1 and June 12 last year, the court heard, ‘James’ had a number of conversations with Gold, who was oblivious to the fact it was the friends typing away at their keyboards rather than an underage child.

In those conversations Gold encouraged the boy to skip school to meet up with him and told him from the outset that he ‘looked sexy’.

The court heard that he had told the fictional 14-year old ‘you would be naked in my bed’ and when he answered he was a virgin Gold replied: “You would love it.”

Prosecutor Jonathan Stone added that Gold had engaged in the sexual activity as an ‘ego boost’.

Sentencing Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “I suspect you were rather comforted that someone of that age might take an interest in you. You must not communicate with people underage on the internet, its as simple as that. If you do you will be seriously punished.”

He was jailed for four months and must sign the sex offenders register for seven years.