February 2018

Two cousins abused for six years by step-grandad, Archie Hunter, 73, left stunned after learning he was also a sex killer

TWO victims of paedo pensioner Archie Hunter, 73, last night told of the horror moment he was unmasked as a convicted murderer.

Dionne Newman, 22, and Chantelle Reilly, 21, were only told about the evil paedo pensioner’s murder secret as he was being caged for attacking them

Archie Hunter, Secret monster, Sex Beast

They were stunned as prosecutors at Glasgow Sheriff Court disclosed the monster had been handed a life term 50 years ago for strangling a woman in a sex-crazed attack.

Dionne said afterwards: “It’s horrifying to think you know someone then find out they’re capable of that. It’s pure, calculated evil.”

Chantelle added: “Knowing what he’s done has freaked me out.”

The shocking revelation came after the brave pair, of Glasgow, gave evidence to help convict Hunter of two sex abuse charges and one of lewd behaviour.

They were told he stripped and assaulted housewife Ella Bell, 48, before choking her to death in her home in Dumfries in 1968.

At the time, advocate depute Graham Cox told the High Court in Edinburgh that Hunter was spurred by “sexual desire”.

After his release in 1979 the killer wed Dionne and Chantelle’s gran — and they grew up unaware of his brutal past.

Now the women have waived their right to anonymity to expose the OAP’s depraved actions.

Dionne added: “He was the grandpa figure when I really young — he has always been in my life.

“But for years I was scared of him because he’d lash out at me and others.”

Dad-of-three Hunter’s abuse began in 2007 when the young cousins would stay at his Dumfries home at weekends.

Dionne was just 12 when the sick paedophile first molested her in his car.

She recalled: “It was horrible. He told me not to say anything, which made me even more concerned and confused.

“It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I understood those things weren’t right.

“He was always physically aggressive too, not just sexual. There was physical and mental abuse. It was shocking.”

The girls were not believed when they told relatives about the abuse. But last year they went to the cops — and Hunter was finally brought to justice.

He was caged for 27 months earlier this month for his six-year campaign of attacks. And Dionne has no sympathy for the beast she blames for ruining her life.

She said “The abuse was awful and my family not believing me made things worse. My mental health took a big hit. I had severe depression — and still struggle.

Chantelle, whose health was also affected, said: “I’m a lot better since I came forward about it all.

“I’m relieved that I can move on with my life now.”

Hunter was also put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.