February 2018

‘Evil’ paedophile sexually abused young boy in South Yorkshire

An ‘evil’ peadophile who sexually abused a young boy in South Yorkshire has today been jailed for 17 years.

Peter Weyman, 67, of Cleveland Close, Worksop, pleaded guilty the previous day to seven counts of indecent assault on a boy under 16.

Weyman was sentenced for the offences today (Wednesday, February 21) at Exeter Crown Court, where he was also facing sentencing for four other sexual offences, following an investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police.

He was jailed for 12-years for the offences committed in South Yorkshire and for a further five years, to run consecutively, for the offences investigated by Devon and Cornwall.

Detective Constable Richard Howe, the investigating officer, said: “An investigation in to Weyman was launched in 2017 after his victim came forward to report what had happened to him.

“The victim, now an adult, bravely told officers about the abuse he had suffered at the hands of Weyman while he was living in Rotherham between 1984-1991.

“Weyman used bribes to overpower the victim, telling him he would buy him toys and things he wanted, abusing the trust he had gained from the victim for his own evil purposes.

“The victim has shown incredible bravery in coming forward to report what happened. The abuse Weyman subjected him to was absolutely horrific, so horrific in fact that the victim was nearly physically sick when recalling what had happened.