February 2018

Paedophile caught by vigilantes at Great Yarmouth library

A paedophile who was caught by a group of vigilantes has admitted to two charges of attempting to groom young girls online.

Kevin Ward, 50, of no fixed abode was caught in Great Yarmouth library by members of Internet Interceptors.

The group pose as children on internet chat rooms.

Ward had pleaded guilty to four charges of grooming children online for sexual activity in November but sentence was delayed after more cases came to light.

During his hearing Norwich Crown Court was told Ward had gone to the library to meet who he was expecting to be a child.

Instead he was stopped by members of the vigilante group and handed over to the police.

On Monday he admitted guilt to two grooming charges, but sentencing was held up due to a delayed psychiatric report on Ward.

Judge Stephen Holt gave a one-month deadline saying Ward would be sentenced whether or not a report on his psychiatric state was produced.