February 2018

Man jailed after ex-wife found appalling images of babies and abused children

Swansea man has been jailed for possessing and distributing images of children as young as three-months-old.

James Wright was caught with the images after his ex-wife Michelle found some of them whilst looking on his mobile phone.

She did so after becoming suspicious about his behaviour prior to Christmas 2016 when he encouraged her to leave the property they shared together at Colwyn Avenue, Winch Wen , for long periods at a time.

After discovering the images on the Samsung device, she took it to Swansea Police Station.

An examination revealed the presence of the images.

When arrested by police, he said: “I know I should not be doing it.”

Two further mobile phones and a laptop were subsequently seized by police.

An analysis of all devices found 99 category A images, the most serious, 110 category B and 358 category C.

He had distributed 205 images, 202 via text message to a single recipient and three via Skype.

Swansea Crown Court heard it was clear from his Skype profile that Wright was in contact with several people interested in the images and had received some via the internet service.

Images in some cases were described in court as “extremely graphic” involving children as young as three to six months.

The 57-year-old, of previous clean character, had created several e-mail accounts as part of his activity, and admitted to officers he got sexual gratification from the images.

Wright, who now lives in bedsit accommodation in Sandfields , admitted distributing and possessing images of children at the first opportunity whilst previously appearing at Swansea Magistrates’ Court. He also admitted a charge of possessing extreme pornographic images.

The court heard mitigation from his solicitor, Lee Davies, who said Wright had attended the Welsh school in Ystalyfera and after leaving became an apprentice jockey, but fell and suffered a head injury meaning he could not carry on his apprenticeship.

He later worked at Uplands book shop and Matalan, but was made redundant in early 2017 and has not worked since.

A newlywed wife checked her husband's phone when she suspected he was cheating - and then shopped him to police after being shocked to discover he was a secret paedophile. Horrified Michelle Power, 47, was devastated after snooping through the phone of James Wright, 58, to find hundreds of indecent images of children. Pictured here is James Wright ? WALES NEWS SERVICE