Update: Sentenced to a three year community payback order with supervision.

February 2018

Pervert who showed kids cartoon porn flees Wishaw home after angry locals smash his windows

A pervert who exposed kids as young as three to cartoon porn has been forced to flee his Wishaw home after it was targeted by angry neighbours.

Declan Boyle , 22, played the popular Flappy Birds game with youngsters before switching it for images of PAW Patrol characters in sexual poses.

Declan Boyle is out on bail ahead of being sentenced

His house in Lanarkshire was boarded up today after windows were smashed by outraged locals on Monday, just hours after he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

One said: “There has been a lot of ill feeling round here since it came out what he had been up to.

“It has built up given how long the court case has lasted for and people had just had enough.

“The victims have been through so much and people took things into their own hands.

“The police were up pretty quick and got him out of the house because things were getting heated and there was a lot of anger.

“The front window got put in and there was a lot of shouting at him.

His home has been boarded up after being targeted by angry neighbours

“Police said they would arrest anyone who tried to attack him but it didn’t put people off letting him know what they thought of him.”

Another said: “There has been a lot of chat in the area about what he had done and some people went to court expecting him to be sentenced.

“But it was delayed again and that was too much for some people.

“It was all over Facebook what he had done so it was no surprise when his window was put in because folk round here are raging with what has happened.

“He was rushed away quickly but his face is all over the internet so I can’t see him having anywhere to hide.

“Sex offenders aren’t welcome in this community and he was certainly shown that.

“Hopefully it’s the last we see of him round here.”

The alarm was raised when one young boy told his family about the incidents and a police investigation later found a haul of porn on Boyle’s phone, iPod and computer.

The student denied the claims but a jury convicted him of two charges of intentionally causing children to look at sexual images between December 2010 and July 2015.

An allegation of using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices towards the youngest boy was dropped.

One victim said the 22-year-old’s twisted behaviour started when he was just three and had been going on for five years.

The other was targeted when he was just seven.

It’s believed he has been moved to a secret location in Lanarkshire over fears he could be targeted again.

Sick Boyle claimed the youngsters were lying about playing the computer game with him.