March 2018

Man sentenced to 7 months in jail for sexual grooming

A deaf teacher once named Britain’s sign language tutor of the year has been jailed for seven months for attempting to meet a 13-year-old boy for sex following sexual grooming

Robert Le Masurier had previously pleaded guilty to attempting to meet the 13-year-old ‘Benny’ in January following sexual grooming online.

He was caught by Cheyenne O’Connor, a Jerseywoman who posed as the young boy online.

He is the third man who has been convicted because of Ms O’Connor.

Le Masurier was sentenced to seven months in prison, a five year restraining order and five years on the sex offenders register.

The sentence would have been two months longer, but the judge shortened the term due to Le Masurier’s deafness.

Le Masurier was noticeably distressed as his sentence was read out.

On 10 January, ‘Benny’ received a message from Le Masurier. After a few initial messages, Benny told Le Masurier of his age. The conversation went as follows: 

Benny: not going to lie I am underage. Don’t want anybody to talk to me that doesn’t want to.

Le Masurier: You mean you don’t want some fun?

Benny: I have never done anything before.

Le Masurier: You want to try?

Benny: I’m 13.

After this, Le Masurier asked the boy about his school and for pictures, asking him to be discreet. He told Benny: “I’m really looking for fun (sex),” adding later on in the conversation, “Don’t worry about being nervous, don’t mind your age as long as you are very, very discreet.”

Ms Hallam said that the conversation continued with some “very sexual requests” from Le Masurier. The pair then continued to exchange messages for five days, during which Le Masurier told Benny he didn’t want the police to see the texts. He also asked the boy repeatedly if they could meet and a meeting was arranged on 15 January. On the day, Benny said he had to cancel because his mum had come home. Le Masurier asked to meet him the following day at the park

Ms O’Connor photographed Le Masurier walking around the area where Benny had agreed to meet and then went to the police. During his police interview, Le Masurier, who his advocate described as “profoundly deaf,” said he didn’t understand the word “13” or “age.” He said he had a poor command of English and didn’t understand the content of the conversation. He denied knowing the boy was 13.

February 2018

Female paedophile hunter gets another man for grooming

A 41-year-old man has become the latest online predator to be snared by vigilante Cheyenne O’Connor after trying to meet a child for sex.

Robert John Lupton-Le Masurier, of Chevalier Road, yesterday pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child of 13 following sexual grooming.

The offence took place between 10 and 15 January, the Magistrate’s Court heard.

Lupton-Le Masurier, who is deaf and was supported in court by a sign-language expert, was ordered to immediately sign the Sex Offenders Register. The length of time he will remain on the list will be decided during his sentencing hearing.

Relief Magistrate Sarah Fitz agreed with the prosecution that the matter fell within the jurisdiction of the lower court.

Advocate Baglin said that prosecutors were not opposed to the defendant being released on bail and the court was told that Lupton-Le Masurier would be living at an address where there are no children.

As part of his bail conditions, the defendant was ordered not to be alone with any child under 16.

He was also told that any internet-enabled device he uses has to be able to retain the search history and he must agree that any device be handed to any police officer who asks to see it.

Mrs Fitz ordered the preparation of a social inquiry report and the court was told that the sign-language expert would return to Jersey in three weeks’ time to help with the preparation of the report.

A sentencing date has been set for 7 March.

Miss O’Connor has snared at least three other online sex offenders during the past year.