February 2018

Pervert jailed after being snared by paedophile hunter sting

A pervert who was snared by a so-called “paedophile hunter” when he went to meet who he thought was a 14 year-old boy following sexual grooming been jailed.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Matthew Duffield, 29, saw the boy’s profile on the Grindr dating app while searching online in the early hours of November 30 last year.

Prosecutor Richard Walters said the man behind the profile, titled ‘Ben’, was actually “sole paedophile hunter” Kyle Whitaker, who he said posed online as children.

When Duffield started a conversation with the message “You horny?”, he received a response saying “I’m 14.”

Mr Walters said the defendant had an awareness he may be being duped, asking directly whether the boy was a “predator hunter” and asking for a picture of him with the then date and time written on his hand.

Despite his suspicions, Duffield carried on the conversation, asking to see a picture of the boy in his school uniform and sending an image of his naked genitalia.

He then arranged to meet the boy that evening, and the court heard that the graphic content of the messages suggested he was expected some form of “penetrative sexual activity.”

When he arrived, Mr Whitaker revealed his true identity and made a “citizen’s arrest” of Duffield, who was said to have told him: “You have no right, I have a twin brother.”

He denied the offence to police, claiming he had only gone to the meeting to warn the boy that he shouldn’t be on Grindr as he was under 18.

He told officers he was gay, and admitted he liked “twinkies”, who he described as men who were “young but not illegal.”

Julian White, mitigating, said his client was an “isolated, lonely, friendless individual”, who “lives through the computer in an internet fantasy world.”

On the excuse he had given about meeting the boy, Mr White said Duffield now admitted it was “nonsense”, stating: “He accepts he was expecting to meet a 14 year-old.”

Duffield, of Idlethorp Way, Bradford, pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, said Duffield was “clearly sexually attracted to underage boys” and posed a serious risk to young men.

He told him: “You engaged in graphic detail with a 14 year-old who was a persona created by someone seeking to expose paedophiles such as yourself.

“You were aware that there were hunters out there, and you took steps to ensure this was a real boy.”

Duffield was jailed for 30 months, and made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.