January 2018

Alvaston OAP pervert jailed after trying to lure girl, 10

A perverted Alvaston pensioner has been jailed after trying tried to incite a 10-year-old girl to send him indecent photographs of herself over the internet.

A court heard how 71-year-old Philip Moncaster sent the victim messages over social media claiming they had Facebook friends in common.

She did not reply and told her mother what had happened and one day the girl forgot to take her mobile phone to school.

Her mum picked it up and saw messages from Moncaster, of Charles Road, and she began to reply pretending to be her daughter.

That led to him sending her a pornographic image of a boy and then asking her to send him indecent images of herself to him.

The victim’s mum contacted the police who arrested him at his home where he told them they would find sick child abuse images on his electronic device.

Jailing Moncaster for a year, Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: “It is said on your behalf that you realise what you have done is wrong and that you could do with some assistance from the probation service.

“I disagree with that.

“I think at the age of 71 you know full well what is right and what is wrong and you knew what you were doing.

“You do not need any intervention and I am not impressed by what is said.

“Custody is inevitable and what is needed is a deterrent so that others don’t get tempted.”

Lucky Thandi, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court, said Moncaster first contacted the 10-year-old victim over Facebook in late 2016.

She said: “He told her they had a couple of Facebook friends in common and sent her a friend request.

“She did not accept it and told her mother what had happened

“Then, on April 27, she forgot to take her phone to school and her mother picked it up and checked it to see messages from the defendant.

“He was asking her how naughty she was and what naughty things she had done.”

Miss Thandi said the girl’s mother responded pretending to be her daughter and at this point Moncaster sent her the pornographic image of the boy and asked her to send him pornographic pictures of herself to him.

She then contacted the police who went to his home and arrested him where he said they would find child abuse images on his computer.

Analysis discovered 17 of the most serious category A images, four category B and 47 category C.

Moncaster pleaded guilty to attempting to incite a child under the age of 13 into sexual activity, three counts of making indecent images of children and on of distributing an indecent image.

Judge Mooncey also handed Moncaster a 10-year sexual harm prevention order which will limit his contact with under 16s and the use of the internet for a decade.