February 2018

Pervert who hoarded child abuse images walks free

A PERVERT who hoarded child abuse images for 17 years has been spared jail.

Paul Goretti, 50, viewed the banned filth at his home in Brisbane Road, Bishopton, between July 2000 and March last year.

Some of the files he viewed, which included pictures and movies and were contained on two hard drives stashed in his loft, were categorised as being the most extreme there is showing the rape and torture of children

The images featured girls aged between three and 13 – and Goretti hoarded them for so long that the youngest children would have been adults by the time police caught up with him.

He admitted his guilt when he appeared in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court in January for a pre-trial hearing.

The court heard he told police he had been looking at legal adult porn and clicked through to the indecent images of children by accident.

Goretti admitted two charges of breaking the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 by downloading indecent images of children and hoarding them for 17 years.

Following his guilty pleas, Sheriff James Spy placed him on the Sex Offenders’ Register and deferred sentence for background reports.

When Goretti returned to the dock on Monday to learn his fate, he was allowed to leave court as a free man.

Sheriff Spy placed him on a Probation Order which will see him supervised by social workers for three years and carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.

Goretti must also attend courses which seek to help sex offenders change their ways, was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years, will be reported to the government as being unsuitable to work with vulnerable groups and has to return to court for a progress review in June.

January 2018

Creep caught with stash of child abuse images planked in his loft

A deviant who downloaded indecent images of youngsters being sexually abused claimed he did it because he was drunk.

Paul Goretti, 50, had a vile stash of almost 50 videos and photos of youngsters being violated on two hard disks planked in his loft.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard the pervert claimed he was into porn and trawled adult sites on the internet for kicks when he was drunk in the evenings.

Goretti also claimed he just started “clicking on links” on adult sex sites, which led him to accessing banned paedophilia, including photos and video clips of young girls aged between three and 13.

Fiscal depute Fiona Holligan said: “The locus for the offence is the accused’s two-bedroom home, which is where the indecent images were found in the loft area of the house.

“Police had received information which caused them to seek a search warrant, which they executed on March 21, when they visited his home and spoke to his partner, as he was not present.

“They contacted him by phone and carried out a systematic search, where three hard disks were recovered from the loft.”

Police sent the devices away for forensic examination which confirmed two hard disks contained 46 indecent images and videos of youngsters, including one video at category A — the worst level of classification; two photos at category B and the remaining images were category C.

The fiscal added that when Goretti was arrested, he admitted he “had been downloading something” when he was drunk and claimed he “hadn’t been thinking straight”.

Goretti said his partner knew nothing about what he was up to on his computer and admitted he “felt ashamed and disgusted with himself”.

She said: “He said he started looking at porn, then clicking on links and it took him to other material.”

Goretti, of Brisbane Road, Bishopton, pleaded guilty to charges of taking or permitting to be taken indecent photographs of children between June 1999 and March 2017.

He also admitted having in his possession the indecent images of children between the same dates at his address.

Defence agent Mr Brechney said he would reserve his statement in mitigation until Goretti is brought back to court for sentencing.

Sheriff James Spy told him: “This is a serious offence. I will continue matters for six weeks to obtain a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and a Pathways Report.”

He added that, given the nature of the offences, Goretti is subject to notification under Sexual Offences legislation.

Goretti was released on bail and will learn of his fate he returns to court on March 12.