February 2018

Paedophile Cheshunt primary school teacher sentenced

A paedophile teacher who worked at a school in Cheshunt has been sent to prison after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two five-year-old girls and taking indecent pictures of children.

Eldridge, 33, of Windsor Drive Hertford, smiled at his family and his fiancé in the public gallery at St Albans Crown Court shortly before the court heard how he had sexually assaulted the two girls and took pictures up the skirts of young girls.

Sentencing, Judge Warner said: “These offences involve a gross breach of trust on your part as a primary school teacher.

“Their parents entrusted them to you, to your safe keeping. You had been warned about previous inappropriate conduct but you continued to do this.

“This is a tragedy for everyone involved. Your conduct has bought the teaching profession into disrepute.

“You are a danger and you will never be able to work with young children in the future.”

The court had heard that Eldridge had also inappropriately touched a five-year-old girl as he helped her change out of a swimming costume.

There was also evidence that Eldridge had used his own private camera to take pictures of children, including several where numerous children were undressed.

Eldridge was sentenced to a total of four years in prison, was given a sexual harm prevention order for eight years, which prevents him from deleting his internet history or to take pictures of girls under the age of 18 with their underwear showing, and was put on the sex offenders register for life.

As he was sentenced, members of Eldridge’s family started to cry in the public gallery.

January 2018

Paedo primary school organised twisted ‘wet play day’ to prey on his pupils

A DEPRAVED reception teacher organised a sick “wet play day” in a vile bid to sexually abuse his pupils.

Paedophile Alexander Eldridge, 33, was remanded in custody yesterday after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl on a “water day” and secretly filming up the skirt of another while she sat on his lap.

Prosecutor Sarah Morris said Eldridge, one of two reception teachers who had taught at the school since 2011, was “hiding in plain sight”.

“The true position was that being a teacher suited your sexual needs,” she told St Albans Crown Court.

“You were hiding in plain sight so you could get away with inappropriate behaviour.

“You liked girls sitting on your lap.

“You liked looking at them in knickers and in a state of undress.”

Adjourning sentence, Judge Stephen Warner said it was “inevitable” Eldridge would get a custodial sentence.

Hertfordshire Police found sick pictures on Eldridge’s computer included girls’ pants taken they came down a slide, along with two other child abuse images downloaded from the internet.

In May last year he texted parents to say they would have a “water day” instead of lessons.

They were told to bring in clothes to get wet in as well as a towel.

The headteacher had agreed, thinking the water day would serve some educational purpose.

The children changed and went outside to play in a paddling pool, on a slide, with buckets and a bubble making machine.

When the session was over Eldridge went back to his classroom, where no other staff were around, and helped a five year old girl to get changed.

Prosecuting, Morris said: “She took off her costume and whilst helping her he touched her sexually.”

When confronted at the school by the girl’s father he responded: “School is my life.”

He was arrested and suspended from the school after a girl reported she had been touched by her teacher.

Police also found a video taken on GoPro camera, where Eldridge had a five-year old girl sit on his lap while recording a singing performance.

He lifted her skirt and filmed her knickers.

Eldridge of Windsor Drive, Hertford, was found guilty of six offences, including two of sexual assault on a child, between July 2016 and June 2017.

He will be sentenced on February 20.