February 2018

Migrant pervert caught in sting over ‘12-year-old girl’ to be deported

AN illegal immigrant is to be deported after he was stopped by paedophile vigilantes on his way to meet a 12-year-old schoolgirl.

Predatory Al-Imran Ali, 34, was clutching a hamburger from Burger King and had a condom on him as he walked to keep a rendezvous with the child called Nicola.

Ali, who had spent seven years in Britain illegally, had been grooming the youngster online and had asked her not to wear any underwear when they arranged to meet.

But “Nicola” did not exist – and instead Ali was confronted by a 49-year-old woman from a paedophile-hunting group 

All the time he thought he was talking to “Nicola” on his computer he had actually been in contact with Ms Wright. 

And after being met by her and another woman at Salford Quays in Greater Manchester he was arrested by police.

He was jailed for 10 months at Manchester Crown Court when he admitted arranging to meet a child after sexual grooming. He will be deported after his sentence.

The judge who locked him up said he “quite obviously” had a sexual interest in children.

Ali, from Pakistan, arrived in the UK in 2010 on a year-long visa to study computer science but stayed unhindered by Home Office and Border Control officials.

Last November he struck up an online chat on a dating site with a person he thought was an under-age girl. 

Prosecutor Martin Callery said: “The defendant was the subject of an operation undertaken by a group called Silent Justice. The defendant met ‘Nicola’ via a direct message on a dating site. He messaged her and said, ‘hi’.

“She replied, ‘I am Nicola, 12, from Lancashire’.

“Over the course of the next few days conversations took place on WhatsApp, increasingly more sexualised and more graphic. He promoted a conversation relating to oral sex. They planned a meeting place at Salford Quays.

“The defendant turned up with a Burger King and a condom.

“A woman called Lindsey Stubbly also attended. He was detained by her and arrested.”

Mr Callery added that Ali claimed to police he had thought “Nicola” was older and that he had a condom because he was planning to visit a massage parlour.

Judge Anthony Cross, QC, told Ali: “You made contact with a person you believed to be a 12-year-old girl. She was entirely fictitious.

“You arranged to meet and requested her not to wear underwear and had a condom.

“Quite obviously you have a sexual interest in young children.”