Update: Sentenced to four years

January 2018

Man who sexually abused two girls under ten told he could face a substantial sentence

A Coventry man who sexually abused two young girls under the age of ten has been warned that he is likely to be given a substantial sentence.

Clive McGrory pleaded not guilty to three charges of sexually assaulting each of the two girls.

After more than nine hours of deliberation, a jury at Warwick Crown Court found him guilty of all three offences against the older girl.

McGrory, aged 67, of Collingwood Road, Coventry, was also convicted of two of the offences against the younger girl but, after nearly 12 hours, he was cleared of the remaining charge.

Prior to the trial, he was granted bail as the case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

But Recorder Tim Raggatt QC warned: “He must prepare himself for the reality that the strong, if not overwhelming likelihood is a custodial sentence.”

Prosecutor Glyn Samuel said that the offences began to come to light after the younger girl complained to her mother about McGrory touching her.

And she said it was not the first time such a thing had happened, explaining that he had done the same on an earlier occasion.

Once the police had been contacted, McGrory was asked his version of events, and denied the allegation.

Mr Samuel said the reason there was a complaint from a second girl was that McGrory worked for Age UK, which brought him into contact with vulnerable people, so the organisation was informed.

That led to someone else learning of the allegations he was facing – and a police officer visited that person’s family.

When McGrory was questioned about that, he suggested that the girl ‘might be getting confused’ after he had accidentally touched her.

“He also said he had tickled her, but that it was not sexual in any way,” said Mr Samuel.

And he told the jury: “You have to ask yourself whether it is a coincidence that two girls who do not know each-other have made up such similar allegations.

“The prosecution say the reason those two girls give very similar accounts is simply because that is what Mr McGrory has done.”

Adjourning the case following the jury’s verdicts, Recorder Raggatt told McGrory: “There is a very strong probability you will receive a custodial sentence of some substance.”