February 2018

Rapist jailed for 20 years for attacking two students in 1990s

A convicted rapist has been jailed for 20 years after he attacked two students in the early 1990s.

Christopher Scott admitted kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old university student in 1992 in a hearing in May last year.

The victim was standing at a bus stop in Mansfield Road, Nottingham, on her way to meet her boyfriend when she was grabbed by Scott.

She was forced into his car and driven to a country park before she was raped twice – which the 65-year-old described as “just sex” – before she was dropped off near her home in the city.

In a separate incident a month before, the then 40-year-old punched a 17-year-old in the face on Mapperley Hall Drive, Nottingham, and inappropriately touched her before her screams forced him to run away.

The father-of-four was caught around 25 years later after police took his DNA when he was arrested for a domestic incident involving his adult son in July 2016.

The court was told it was a “billion to one” chance that the DNA taken from the time of the attacks was not that of Scott.

At a previous hearing, he admitted one count of robbery and kidnap and two counts of rape against the 18-year-old and was convicted by a jury of indecent assault, attempted kidnap and assault against the 17-year-old on January 19.

At Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday, Mrs Justice Carr told Scott his attacks were brutal, violent and sustained as he smiled in the dock.

She said: “These were two horrifying attacks which caused terror at the time and have caused them long-term trauma and suffering.

“You chose to hide your guilty secret for years and years.

“Your attitude to these serious offences has been chilling. You are arrogant and you are dismissive of what you have done.”

The judge added that she was satisfied Scott was a serious danger to members of the public, particularly women.

Wearing a check short-sleeve shirt, Scott, originally of Billesdon Drive, Nottingham, played with his fingernails as prosecutor Adrian Langdale recounted events.

Mr Langdale said: “Scott was only eventually tracked down by a mistake.

“He kept away from DNA for a number of years until a domestic incident between him and his son.

Scott had told his 18-year-old victim to “give me the money or I’ll kill you” before removing her shoes and clothing and telling her to “enjoy it”.

In a victim impact statement read to the court by Mr Langdale, the then 18-year-old said it was without doubt “the worst thing I have ever been through”.

It continued: “It may have lasted a relatively short time but the repercussions have been long lasting.

“I was physically sick from the shock. I didn’t leave the house on my own for at least a year.

“When I am out on my own I will never lose that uncomfortable feeling.”

Scott’s 17-year-old victim also said she had been left feeling “violated”, “distressed” and “very, very angry” after she was attacked.

January 2018

Nottingham rapist guilty of second 1992 sex attack

A rapist who was caught by a DNA match nearly 25 years after the crime has been convicted of a second sex attack.

Christopher Scott, 65, had pleaded guilty to the October 1992 rape – subject of a BBC Crimewatch appeal in 2008 – last year.

Coverage of the case led a second victim he attacked in September 1992 to come forward.

Scott, who denied indecent assault, assault and attempted kidnap, was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court.

Scott, originally from Billesdon Drive, Heathfield, Nottingham attacked the then 17-year-old on Mapperley Hall Drive.

He tried to drag her away but fled when she started to scream, the court heard.

The attack happened a month before the case that he was convicted of in 2017.

In that case he used a knife to threaten an 18-year-old woman at a bus stop.

The court heard he took her to his car, tied her up and raped her twice.

DNA taken at the time was only matched to Scott in 2016, when a sample was taken in relation to another matter.

When he admitted the October attack, the victim of the September attack recognised a custody photograph posted online and went to police.

Ch Supt Rob Griffin said: “It is absolutely fantastic news for the two victims, who for 25 years have wondered who attacked them.

“Well now they know and they have seen him convicted today.

“But the wider message is; it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, offenders will still be bought to justice.”

Scott is due to be sentenced for both crimes on 15 February 2018.