January 2018

Victims watch as sex abuse ‘monster’ from Portsmouth is jailed for 23 years

Two brave victims who watched in court as a ‘disgraceful’ sexual predator was jailed for 23 years have said: ‘He’s a monster.’

Predatory Frederick Tubbs was expressionless as a judge jailed him over a video-link for 18 charges of sex abuse against a young girl and boy.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Tubbs, 40, plied his male victim with drink and drugs before carrying out the abuse, while ‘grooming’ the other victim.

When he abused the girl from the age of seven he warned her he would go on to rape her.

‘It was grooming, it was highly abusive, and it was completely disgraceful,’ judge David Melville QC said. 

After Tubbs, formerly of North End, was jailed, one victim said: ‘He’s a monster. ‘What he’s done is despicable and he’s ruined many people’s lives.’

Tubbs’ other victim said: ‘He’s not even a person.’ Both victims have been praised by police for their ‘remarkable bravery’.

In one incident that illustrated the youth of the girl, prosecutor David Richards said Tubbs was interrupted while abusing the girl. ‘Tubbs was interrupted,’ he said. ‘He asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to play a computer game called Dora.’

Tubbs, whose eventual release will be decided by the Parole Board, had also raped the girl by when he ‘grabbed her head’ – with her running off after the attack.

He also forced her to watch pornography, the court heard.

Police, who arrested Tubbs after his victim came forward, found scores of abuse images on his phone. Officers found he had five category A images – the worst rating – eight category B and 125 category C.

When his computer was searched at a later date they found 14 category A films with 109 still images, two category B movies and 115 stills, two category C films and 216 still images, along with 190 prohibited images of children.

Jailing Tubbs, the judge added: ‘This is a very serious matter. ‘There’s a considerable number of offences in this case and you are an offender of public concern.’ The judge stopped short of ruling Tubbs was categorised as ‘dangerous’.

Tubbs was convicted at a trial of raping the girl, four charges of sexual assault against the girl, sexual activity with the boy, inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity and three charges of having indecent images of children.

He admitted three sex assault charges, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, three charges of having indecent images of children and a charge of having prohibited images of children.