February 2018: Pervert jailed for a total of 26 months. His name added to the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

January 2018

Vile beast groomed Perth schoolgirl for sex and then left her hallucinating in hospital ‘high on drugs’

A schoolgirl ended up in hospital suffering hallucinations after a beast groomed her for sex.

Steven Ramsay, 34, bombarded his victim, 15, with texts and coaxed her into sending “dirty images”.

The pervert admitted meeting the teen near her home in Kinross shortly after her 16th birthday for sex.

She was taken to Victoria Hospital in Fife after her family worried about her deteriorating health.

Prosecutor David Bernard told Perth Sheriff Court yesterday: “She was described as vulnerable and high risk of sexual exploitation. She was admitted to hospital in a highly agitated state.

“She was hallucinating and showing signs of being under the influence of substances. She declined to disclose who supplied the substances. Her mother suspected the accused.”

Ramsay, of Perth, was nicked after a relative found the messages on her phone before screenshots were shown to cops.

He was discovered lurking in a car park at Perth College as he waited to meet the teenager.

Mr Bernard added: “He admitted exchanging dirty images with her and then having sex with her when she turned 16. Significant texts were when she was 15. He said he had an empty building for sexual activity.

“He had sex with her in his car near a monument in Kinross. He admitted messing with her head and not really loving her.”

Ramsay pleaded guilty to meeting her while not believing she was over 16 and using the girl for sexual gratification to humiliate, distress or alarm her.

Beak Lindsay Foulis deferred sentencing. Ramsay was added to the sex offenders register.