December 2017

Man sentenced to 18 months for indecent exposure

A 51 year old man has been sent to 18 months in prison for indecently exposing himself to teenage girls.

Kevin Lochhead from Glasgow, was sentenced by Jersey’s Royal Court despite being found guilty of the offence at a Magistrate’s Court trial, as the Magistrate felt her powers were, “insufficient to deal with the defendant’s extensive history of similar offences.”

Around 20:30 on Saturday 8 July 2017, Lochhead unzipped his shorts and urinated in an open area near the children’s playground at Westmount.

He was seen by three teenage girls aged 15, who were sitting on the swings approximately seven metres away from him. He left when one of them shouted, “..what are you doing?”

During sentencing on Friday 15 December, the Royal Court heard how one of the teenage girls had recognised Lochhead as she had previously witnessed him indecently exposing himself at West Park bathing pool in 2015, after which he was handed an 18 month prison sentence.

The 51-year-old claims he had drunk eight cans of lager and was caught “short”. He said he found a place that he believed “concealed him.”

Prosecuting, HM Attorney General Robert MacRae, told the court Lochhead had previous convictions of indecent exposure – which included masturbation.

Presiding, Deputy Bailiff Tim Le Cocq – sitting with Jurats Robert Christensen and Geoffrey Grime – was told a social inquiry report stated Lochhead posed a, “…high risk of sexual re-offending. (…) He’s sexually motivated by an unhealthy interest in young girls and exposing himself.”

The Attorney General said Lochhead was a, “…a compulsive and prolific paedophile.”

The prosecution asked for a sentence of two years in prison, and a restraining order which included a sanction that Lochhead could not be within 10 meters of children’s play areas.

Handing down the sentence, the Deputy Bailiff told Lochhead, “…you denied the offence and it went to trial. This meant the victims had to give evidence in court and endured the stresses of the trial.

“We have a duty to protect young people from this behaviour. (…) This is a serious conviction and must be met with significant sentencing.”

Lochhead will spend the next 18 months in prison, and is ordered not to be around young people or children’s play areas for a minimum of five years.

August 2015

Serial flasher jailed for 18 months

A serial flasher who masturbated in front of two young girls at the West Park Marine Lake has been jailed for 18 months.

Kevin Andrew Lochhead (49) was around two metres away from the 12-year-old and 13-year-old on a sunny day on 9 April. Later that afternoon, two 11-year-olds also saw Lochhead wandering on the rocks naked from the waist down.

When questioned by police, Lochhead first denied being at the beach but later pleaded guilty after CCTV footage showed him driving towards Le Frégate café and he was picked out by one of the girls in an identity parade.

Lochhead also admitted breaching a previous probation and community service order imposed in April 2014 for nine counts of indecent exposure and one count of making indecent images of children.

A police statement said, “The States of Jersey Police take all allegations of a sexual nature seriously and work tirelessly to bring offenders who commit these crimes to justice.

“The sentence given by the Royal Court today is a reflection of the seriousness of the offence and a clear message that this type of offending will not be tolerated by the courts and has no place within our community.”

In total, 20 girls have seen Lochhead expose himself in the past two years either at the beach, at bus stops or at Liberation Station. He has 21 previous convictions and was jailed for three months in 2006.

On Friday, the Royal Court sentenced Lockhead for the 2014 and 2015 offences. Defending, Advocate Caitriona Fogarty said he was a “pathetic, very lonely individual who had lost his job, family and all social interaction”. She said he would return to his native Scotland when free – where he stood a greater chance of rebuilding his life.