December 2017

Newport man, 20, jailed for sex messages to underage girl on Facebook

A SERIES of sexually explicit messages to an underage girl has resulted in a Newport man sentenced to more than three years in custody.

Jakir Ahmed, 20, of Ruperra Street, pleaded guilty to six counts of causing or inciting a girl aged 13 to 15 into sexual activity at Newport Crown Court on Wednesday. The girl, who cannot named for legal reasons, was aged 15 at the time when she began communicating with Ahmed, initially over Facebook.

The court heard that Ahmed and the girl became friends on social media last Christmas, and the pair exchanged phone numbers and began texting.

Ian Kolvin, prosecuting, said that Ahmed’s messages steadily became more explicit, after a flurry of texts where he declared his love for the girl. He said the defendant sent an intimate image of himself to the girl.

Mr Kolvin said that Ahmed had groomed the girl, and at one stage threatened to harm himself if she stopped contacting him.

He added: “This case has the classic grooming hallmarks.

“An aggravating feature was an additional threat to self-harm and suicide, a way of him encouraging her to maintain contact which is the whole purpose of grooming.

“He said at first he was 16 but did correct himself that he was 19.” Mr Kolvin added that Ahmed originally said he was 16 before confirming his real age of 19.

“On January 29, he was arrested at his place of work. Initially he denied all matters,” said Mr Kolvin.

“But then he changed his account. He admitted he sent the photo to her and all the messages. He admitted he knew she was 15 years of age.”

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said the aspects of self-harm and the possibility of another male becoming involved were aggravating features.

“The whole thing it seems to me, was designed to attract a very naïve and vulnerable young girl,” she said.

“You bombarded her with messages.

She said: “You manipulated this young girl in a number of ways.”

“It is quite clear that it was persistent grooming behaviour and you were quite successful in getting the girl to send various messages,” said Ms Lloyd-Clarke.

She added that the defendant described his actions as ‘paedophile-ish’ during interview. Ahmed received a sentence of three years and four months at a youth and young offenders rehabilitation centre.

He will be subject to a sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sex offenders register.