Update: Sent to prison for six months, name will remain on the Sexual Offenders Register for five years.

January 2017

Female paedophile hunter snares third sex offender online

A female paedophile hunter has vowed to continue her undercover mission on the internet in 2018 after another child groomer she snared online appeared in court.

Mother-of-two Cheyenne has helped to bring two sex offenders living in Jersey to justice this year by posing as a teenage girl or boy on adult dating websites.

Now a third man, 27-year-old Joao Manuel Mendonca Gomes, has pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming after trying to lure what he thought was a teenage boy to meet him in St Helier – it was, in fact, Cheyenne

Information on three other men the Islander has encountered online, all of whom live in the UK, has also been passed to the police. Three men have been arrested and inquiries are continuing.

Today Cheyenne (24) has issued a warning to men who think they can use the anonymity of the internet to groom vulnerable teenagers.

‘Every child has the right to be safe online and I will keep on finding each and everyone of you until they are,’ she said. ‘It is surprising how many men there are out there – even in Jersey – who are willing to groom children. They are still out there looking despite all the publicity this has got.’

In the Magistrate’s Court, Gomes pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child aged 14 following sexual grooming and is due to be sentenced in the court next month. He has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register and released on bail.

In court, legal adviser Susie Sharpe said conversations had taken place between 26 and 30 November and a meeting was arranged between Gomes and what he thought was a child.

‘When the defendant turns up it is somebody else,’ she said.

Earlier this year, former finance worker Jason Bushell Sutton (48) was jailed for ten months for attempting to meet what he thought was a teenage boy in the toilets at Patriotic Street car park for sexual activity.

He was, in fact, speaking to Cheyenne, who was waiting near the toilets in a parked car and photographed Sutton at the scene. The evidence was passed to States police detectives.

The mother also helped to catch Romanian hotel worker Alecsandru-Moise Buta. The 19-year-old defendant, who was sentenced to 180 hours’ community service, had originally been speaking to a teenage girl known to Cheyenne. She then took over the chat when Buta asked the girl if she was ‘horny’.

Cheyenne added: ‘There is always someone out there who wants to groom a child and there will always be more.’