December 2017

Pervert downloaded more than 1,000 child images 

A PERVERT who downloaded more than 1,000 indecent images of children claimed he accessed the despicable images because he was trying to catch out other paedophiles.

Marcus Herbert, of Alma Road, Banbury, had already admitted three counts of making indecent images, two of distributing images, and one of attempting to distribute images.

Oxford Crown Court heard at his sentencing yesterday how police searched the 22-year old’s home on March 2 this year and seized two computers and an I-pad.

On further analysis they discovered a stash of indecent images of children as young as three years old dating back to November 2012.

Herbert had 103 images in category A; the most severe category, 251 of category B and 923 in category C.

The court heard that he had used a fake online profile to share the images identifying himself as a 13-year old girl named ‘Ruth’.

He claimed that he had only used online chat rooms and accessed the indecent images in order to catch out and find other paedophiles.

Sentencing Judge Maria Lamb said: “Behind every one of these images there is a victim; a child who is depicted having the most appalling things done to them.

“Your explanation that you were trying to catch out paedophiles is simply one that is wholly contradicted by expert reports.”

Herbert was given a total of 14 months in prison, suspended for two years, for the six counts. He was also made subject to a community order to include 27 days in the Horizon programme and 25 days rehabilitation activity requirement and will sign the sex offenders register for 10 years.