Update: Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC imposed a community payback order with 270 hours unpaid work, three years supervision, a requirement to take part in sex offender groupwork programmes and conditions around his housing and contact with children. Morland was also placed on the sex offenders register for three years.

November 2017

Local Domino’s manager trawled social media to find girls as young as 13 to sleep with

A local man who trawled social media to find girls as young as 13 to engage in sex chats – before having sex with one and playing a stripping game with another – is facing jail.

Scott Morland met a total of seven underage girls online, befriending them before bombarding them with pleas for sex in the full knowledge they were under 16.

The creep was only caught when he started messaging one of his 13-year-old victims who was being monitored by social workers who found the messages.

They called in police who seized Morland’s phone and found a cache of messages to that girl and six others sent over the course of over a year.

They found he asked one 13-year-old to be “friends with benefits” and had pestered several others to perform sex acts with him.

Morland was placed on the sex offenders register ahead of sentencing next month.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told Dundee Sheriff Court that Morland had sex with one 15-year-old girl after “sending her messages three to four times a day asking for it”.

She said: “They had a sexual relationship for a few weeks but she then told him she didn’t want to be with him any more due to his continual want for sex.

“The first girl he contacted was 13 and met him on Facebook.

“He asked if she was a virgin and asked her for oral sex.

“A number of messages make reference to her age, for example he said ‘I don’t want any pregnant 13-year-olds’.

“She believed he was a creep and they never met up.

“The second girl was 13 and met him at an ice rink where he worked and he asked for her number.

“She refused to go out with him and he then asked for naked pictures and to be friends with benefits.

“A third girl was 14 when he befriended her online.

“He progressed to asking her for sex and a total of 1,103 SMS messages were exchanged.”

Miss Sinclair said the girl Morland eventually slept with was 15, and that a fifth victim – aged 13 – was “asked for sex and naked images” despite Morland knowing her age.

She added: “He met a sixth girl – aged 13 – and exchanged 1167 SMS messages with her.

“On the evening of November 27 2015 they met and went to his home address.

“They began playing a game where they asked each other questions and if they got it wrong had to remove items of clothing.

“Both removed their socks, shoes and tops.

“He later asked if he’d had protection if they’d have gone all the way and said he didn’t want anyone else knowing because of the age gap.”

Morland, 19, of Watson Watt Place, Brechin, Angus, pleaded guilty on indictment to a total of nine charges under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act committed between January 1 2015 and February 1 2016.

Defence solicitor Angela McLardy said: “He lives with his parents and works full-time in Dominos pizza doing shift work.”

Morland’s Facebook account says he is a shift manager Domino’s Pizza.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC deferred sentence until next month and released Morland on bail meantime.

She said: “It is a serious matter, particularly with it involving so many girls.”