November 2017

Pervert jailed for five years for persuading Bicester girl, 13, to meet him in Gloucester

A hero taxi driver saved a 13-year-old girl from a horrific ordeal, or worse, at the hands of a paedophile who fantasised about killing children, a court heard today.

Sam Hewings, 24, met the girl online and persuaded her to take a taxi from her Oxfordshire home to meet him in Gloucester.

But the cabbie, Satbir Singh, 39, was so concerned about the girl, who was in her school uniform, that he alerted the police after arriving at Gloucester Railway Station, where she had asked to be taken.

Hewings did not turn up on time to meet her but was caught on CCTV walking in the area of the station, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Giles Nelson said it was thought that Hewings got cold feet when he saw there was a police car parked near the taxi.

When Hewings was arrested later that day police searched his belongings and found a sinister set of items in a rucksack – two knives, a roll of duct tape and a spectacles case filled with co-codamol tablets.

Hewings, of Hadley Road, Cam, admitted attempting to abduct the girl on February 20 this year.

He also admitted possessing and distributing child porn in November last year and again in February.

Judge Michael Cullum jailed him for a total of five years and placed him on the sex offender register for life. He also made a lifelong sexual harm prevention order against him.

The judge told Hewings he presented a ‘very worrying’ problem for the court.

“From about September to November last year your chatlogs reveal your paedophile tendencies and desires,” he said.

“You had graphic discussions with other paedophiles about raping a child in the future – and you suggested you had done it in the past.

“You were fantasising over the pain that would cause to a young child. You discussed killing a child to the extent of detail about freezing the body thereafter.

“You said ‘I have a teen in mind but she needs to be kidnapped’.

“You discussed using co-codamol to control and sedate a victim.”

The judge said it was clear to him that an abduction was already under way when the girl travelled to Gloucester but Hewings did not then go ahead with his ‘evil plan’.

“You were trying to abduct that child for sexual purposes,” he said.

“During this hearing I asked your counsel what you intended to do with her. There was no answer to that and that doesn’t surprise me at all because I suspect the true answer would be horrifying.