November 2017

Convicted paedophile lied to new partner and stayed in home with teenage girl

A convicted paedophile from Frome who lied about his past to his new partner has been sentenced to a community order and a three month curfew.

Paul John Anthony Green had his lies exposed when his ex girlfriend spilled the beans to his new partner.

He had been staying at his new partner’s home sometimes when her teenage granddaughter was also there, but had been using a false name of Simon Hall.

When his unsuspecting partner had a call from Green’s ex saying he had been convicted of a string of sex offences involving children she made a “ Sarah’s Law ” application to the police which confirmed her fears.

When he was arrested by police he confessed to various offences of failing to comply with sex offender notification requirements saying that sometimes he just wanted to “be normal for once.”

Green, 47, of Naishs Street, Frome, pleaded guilty that on August 25 at an address in Wales, being a relevant sex offender, he failed to notify police within three days of an address where he stayed for seven days or more within a 12 month period.

He also admitted failing to declare an address where he had stayed for at least 12 hours where a person under the age of 18 was staying on the same date.

He also admitted failing to register within three days a name which he had used, which included alias names and a social media user name when he appeared before Somerset Magistrates, sitting at Yeovil .


Prosecutor Robert Reid said that Green was sent to prison for four and a half years in 2003 at Wolverhampton Crown Court for a number of offences against young females.

On his release he was made subject to sex offender notification requirements and then began communicating with a woman via Facebook which culminated in a relationship.

“She invited him up to her home in North Wales in August and September and the relationship seemed to be going ok, however in the meantime there had been messages put on Facebook addressed to Green’s new partner,” he said.

“They alleged that the defendant was a paedophile and was not using his correct name, and when confronted about that he accepted he had given the name of Simon Hall and did have a history but he didn’t want to divulge it.

“His partner then made an application to the police under Sarah’s Law for enquiries to be made and that was how his past was divulged.”

While staying with his partner, Green had been present when her 15 year old granddaughter had stayed over for one night. Her adult daughters also frequently visited her with their young children.

The magistrates sentenced the defendant to a two year community order with a 30 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and a three month curfew between 7pm and 7am daily. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge