November 2017

Judge tells ‘sexual predator’ who targeted and groomed two underage girls for sex he posed a ‘serious danger to young

A ‘sexual predator’ who targeted and groomed two underage girls for sex has been jailed after a judge deemed he posed a ‘serious danger to young girls’.

Burnley Crown Court heard how 25-year-old Jack Corteen targeted his 15-year-old victims, lied about his age and asked them to send pictures.

Prosecuting, Emma Kehoe said Corteen’s offending in relation to his first victim, who cannot be named but was from Hyndburn, only came to light when he started sending her abuse because she was messaging boys of her own age.

He was arrested and interviewed in January and February, before being released on bail by police while they carried out further investigations.

It was while still on bail in July, the court heard he contacted his second victim, who also cannot be named, and began grooming her, before taking her back to his house in Copperfield Close, Burnley, for sex.

Deeming Corteen to be a dangerous offender, Judge Sara Dodd said there was a ‘disturbing pattern of him engaging in predatory sexual relationships with young girls’.

Judge Dodd said: “Offending like this has grave consequences for the victims.

“It’s right to say that there are may positives sides to you. You come from a thoroughly decent close-knit family. You are a talented sportsman. You are intelligent and hardworking. Sadly, in my judgement, you are also a sexual predator.”

The court heard how Corteen was warned by police after he arranged to meet a girl after grooming in 2013. The following year he received an adult caution after committing the same offence.

Ms Kehoe said it was the day after his first victim’s 15th birthday that he began contacting her on Facebook.

Corteen asked her how old she was and despite her saying she was 15 he continued to message her. He claimed he was 18. The conversation continued on Snapchat, before they exchanged numbers and Corteen contacted his victim on iMessage.

Ms Kehoe said Corteen asked his victim to ‘send him pictures of her body’ but she declined.

They met up for the first time in December but no sexual activity happened on the first occasion. On the second occasion Corteen drove the teenager to a secluded area in Hyndburn and some sexual activity took place.

On the third occasion they met up the defendant picked his victim up from outside her school and took her back to his house in Burnley.

Ms Kehoe said they had consensual sex in his bedroom although there were some parts of it she didn’t agree to.

The teenager confided in her family when Corteen, who is a talented golfer and has competed in tournaments across the North of England, began sending her abusive messages and the police were contacted.

While on bail Corteen sent a friend request to the second victim. He told her he was 18 and continued messaging her even though she revealed she was 15.

After a few weeks of exchanging messages he asked her to send him indecent photographs of herself. The teenager did send Corteen a picture of herself but it did not show her face.

On August 2 the defendant picked the victim up in his car and took her back to his house for sex, the court heard.

Ms Kehoe said they had also consensual sex in his bedroom but, again, there were some parts of it she didn’t agree to.

Fearing she may be pregnant the victim confided in her family and asked for the morning after pill.

Ms Kehoe said when the victim’s father found out Corteen’s true age he texted him warning him to ‘stay away from young girls’.

The police were contacted and Corteen was arrested on August 3.

During his police interview he made full admissions of his offending, as he had earlier in the year when interviewed in relation to the first victim.

He appeared before Blackburn magistrates the following day and was remanded in custody.

Corteen pleaded guilty to three counts of grooming a female child, seven counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, and one count of inciting a female child to engage in a sexual act.

Judge Dodd jailed Corteen for six years and told him he will be subject to a period of three years licence once he is released.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and made subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.