November 2017

Harlow paedophile faces peaceful protesters outside home after pleading guilty to grooming

A peaceful protest was put on by residents after a Harlow paedophile who groomed what he thought was a child moved into their ‘lovely’ street.

Married Stephen Youens, 52, of Five Acres in Harlow, was arrested on Monday, October 10 and charged with sexual grooming the following day, before pleading guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court last week.

Youens turned up to an agreed location after arranging to meet the child who he believed was under the age of 16. He became spooked after believing he was being set up.

A group of investigative journalists, CSE Interceptors, traced his home address and alerted police of his activities.

Essex Police attended the property and took him into custody where he was later charged.

Now living in the Kecksys area of Sawbridgeworth, residents of the Hertfordshire town protested his presence in the community on Saturday (November 11).

Around 10 protesters turned up to his current home with banners to peacefully speak out.

A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “We do not want a paedophile living in our community.

“It was a peaceful protest, there was no violence and one neighbour even came with her two children.

“We live in a lovely community here.”

However, Youens’ abode is situated near several local schools, which residents are firmly against.

“He is living here and we don’t want him,” the resident said. “Our children are not safe.

“It’s near to a secondary school and a family shop. There’s two junior schools and an infant school here too.

“I have my grandchildren here and a lot of others have children and grandchildren too.”

Youens, a senior technician for the East of England Ambulance Service, based in Loughton, was suspended when the allegations came to light and has now been dismissed following his guilty plea.