November 2017

Sex offender found with iPad by police

POLICE who were eventually allowed in to carry out a compliance visit at the home of a convicted sex offender found a phone and an iPad neatly laid out on the sofa.

Blackburn magistrates heard Robert Bradbury initially claimed they were the only internet enabled devices in his possession.

But the officers discovered to laptop computers under the mattress of his bed.

Bradbury, 53, of William Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

He was committed in custody to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Bradbury had been jailed in 2014 for possessing indecent images of children when the SHPO was imposed.

At the time of the compliance visit he was living in a block of flats and when officers rang the bell there was no answer. They rang him and Bradbury said he would let them in.

“They were left outside for several minutes before he activated the lock which allowed access to the block,” said Miss Allan.

She said when the officers discovered the laptops Bradbury began to shake and said: ‘What have I done?’

“When he was asked if the computers contained any indecent images he said yes,” said Miss Allan. “The computers will now be sent for examination and further charges could follow if illegal images are found.”

Simon Farnsworth, defending, said since his release from prison Bradbury had got back into clinical sales and had a £30,000-a-year job as a sales manager.

He said the buzzer at his flat did not work which explained the delay in admitting the police officers.

“He says the images the police will find on his computers are not illegal,” said Mr Farnsworth. “There is no evidence before the court today to suggest any offence other than the breach of the SHPO by not producing the two laptops.”