December 2018

Justice for South Yorkshire school boy sexually abused and blackmailed by ‘dangerous’ sex offender

A jailed sex offender has been sentenced to an additional six years behind bars for the abuse of a 13-year-old South Yorkshire boy he groomed on Facebook and blackmailed with indecent photographs.

After a nine-year wait, the schoolboy Kieron Young, 27, sexually abused was finally given justice this afternoon, when he watched on in court as Young was sentenced for his shocking crimes.

Judge Roger Thomas QC was told how the abuse survivor was finally able to summon the courage to speak out about Young’s offending, after reading press reports about Judge Thomas jailing Young for 10 years in November 2017 for similar sexual abuse committed against five victims under 16.

The court was told how the abuse suffered by the boy in September 2009, then aged just 13, caused a noticeable change in his behaviour and pushed him to try and take his own life.

Through a victim impact statement read out in court, the courageous young man said: “Kieron Young has ruined my life by what he has done to me. That’s why I tried to kill myself. I had to continue with this on my own for eight-and-a-half years. I pushed what happened to the back of my mind, although I never forgot what happened and thought about it every day.”

Prosecutor Richard Sheldon described how Young struck up contact with the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, by messaging him on Facebook.

Mr Sheldon said Young, who was then aged 18, purported to be 14-years-old and in the year above him at school, and the complainant believed they would have a relationship akin to that of an older and younger brother.

Young then lured him to his home in St Mary’s View, Greasbrough, Rotherham, and once inside, he ordered him to strip off.

When the boy complied, Young took indecent photographs of him, before committing serious sexual crimes against the boy, and forcing him to watch as he performed a sex act on himself.

“The defendant told the boy not to tell anyone what had happened, and told him if he did he would put the pictures online. The boy felt his life would effectively be ruined if that happened,” said Mr Sheldon.

Despite initially refusing to be interviewed by police, Young, now of HMP Doncaster, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of meeting after grooming a child at an earlier hearing.

Mohammed Rafiq, defending, said: “He knows he has caused some pain and suffering to the complainant here, and regrets it. And looking back now, he regrets it very much. If he could turn back the clock he would like to do that, but he can’t.”

In addition to jailing Young for 10 years in November last year for the sexual abuse committed against five victims, some of whom were under 13, Judge Thomas also sentenced him to an extended license period of three years due to deeming him as ‘dangerous’ and a risk to the public.

During today’s hearing, Judge Thomas sentenced Young to six years in prison for the crimes committed against the boy, but said it would have to run concurrently to the sentence imposed last year due to the ‘technicalities’ around sentencing guidelines.

Speaking directly to the abuse survivor and his loved ones in the public gallery, Judge Thomas said: “I’m sorry that sentencing gets so technical. There was a day when sentencing, in fact, was much more straight-forward, and wasn’t constrained by these technicalities.

“I hope this, at last, brings some sort of closure with things and you can move on with life.”

September 2018

Convicted paedophile pleads guilty to further sex offences

A convicted paedophile has admitted sexual offences against a 13-year-old boy in Rotherham.

Kieron Young (27), of HMP Doncaster, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday (Thursday) to committing sexual offences against the boy in 2009.

Young, formerly of St Mary’s View, Greasbrough, is already serving a 13-year jail sentence for mulitple sexual offences committed between 2014 and 2016.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of sexual activity with a male child under-16 and one count of meeting a male child under-16 following sexual grooming.

Young is due to be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on October 11.

November 2017

Paedophile who groomed schoolboys across the country on Facebook jailed for 13 years

A paedophile who groomed schoolboys across the country on Facebook, forced them to perform sinister acts and sexually abused one 14-year-old boy has been jailed for 13 years.

Kieron Young (26), of St Mary’s View, Greasbrough, admitted 13 child sex offences, including meeting the boy at an empty house and abusing him, inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and engaging in sexual activity in front of a child.

Young, who committed some offences while on bail, also admitted to possessing more than 750 indecent images of children.

Judge Roger Thomas QC, sitting at Sheffield Crown Court on November 1, deemed Young’s offending so serious he gave him a three-year extended sentence to his ten-year jail term.

He said Young, who was cautioned in 2008 for possessing child porn images, posed “a significant risk of serious harm”.

Katherine Goddard, prosecuting, said Young sexually abused a 14-year-old Rotherham boy at an empty house in Wingfield in 2010 after grooming him on Facebook.

The victim reported the abuse to police in March 2016 and when he was arrested Young was found with 24 child porn images.

Ms Goddard said: “The incident troubled the complainant for many years, he was unable to deal with it, became depressed and would cry when alone at night.”

In his victim impact statement, which was read to the court, the boy said he had failed his exams as he could not concentrate and had been unemployed since leaving education.

The court heard Young also forced a 13-year-old boy, from Derbyshire, to perform sex acts and to strip naked in April 2014 after pretending to be a girl.

He revealed his true identity to him and tried to encourage him to meet at Meadowhall, Ms Goddard said, but the boy’s mum found her son naked in front of a live Skype call.

Young was traced and arrested the same month but gave a no comment interview.

In May 2016, Young contacted a 12-year-old boy in the Avon and Somerset area under the same guise and forced the boy to carry out similar acts.

“The boy agreed, but then demands from Young became more extreme,” she said.

“He asked the boy if he knew any younger girls or children and encouraged the boy to take pictures of himself with his baby sister.

“The boy complied and took a picture of himself placing his penis through the bars of the cot where his sister was lying.”

In November, 2016, he contacted a 12-year-old Scarborough boy on Facebook, again posing as a young girl, and forced him to send indecent images.

He also asked him to urinate and defecate on his bed.

Young was arrested for the May and November 2016 offences in January this year and was found with 755 child sexual abuse images

In March this year, he asked a 15-year-old Northamptonshire boy to send pictures of his younger siblings via Facebook.

Young was again traced through his internet provider and arrested on June 9.

The judge ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and he was made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.