July 2018

Convicted sex offender jailed after raping pregnant woman

A man previously jailed in 2015 after he sent sexual messages to a 14 year old girl has now been sentenced for attacking and raping a pregnant woman.

Tony Sneddon Lammie, 25-years-old (22/06/1993) formerly of Glasgow but more recently of Meadowside, Beith appeared at the High Court In Glasgow where he denied a string of offences including rape

The court was told that Lammie had raped a pregnant woman several times by force.

Lammie first attempted to strangle the woman into submission, but when she struggled, he repeatedly hit her causing injuries.

Lammie went onto restrain the woman to stop her leaving the house. He forcibly removed her trousers and violently attempted to penetrate her bottom and mouth. 

He went on to repeatedly rape her.

The woman suffered a number of injuries during the ordeal after Lammie slapped, punched and kicked the victim. Bruises were also visible to her neck after he tried to strangle her.

At one point, the pervert held the victim in a tight headlock which disrupted her breathing to such a point, she thought she was going to die

After Lammie was arrested, he was remanded in prison for the offences. 

From his prison cell he sent letters and made phone calls to the victim in an attempt to silence her. He ordered her to not attend as a witness and not to answer her door to police. 

When the woman refused to withdraw her complaint, Lammie wrote letters pretending to be the woman. He stated that the woman admitted fabricating the allegations of rape and assault against him. The rapist then handed the letters into his defence team.

Lammie denied the offences but was found guilty by the jury of:

  • Rape of a female

  • Two counts of assault to injury

  • Attempting to pervert the course of justice

The judge sentenced Lammie to seven years imprisonment and he was ordered to register as a sex offender for life

November 2015

Pervert jailed for sex offences against girl

A pervert has been jailed for sending sexual images to a schoolgirl

Tony Lammie of Balglass gardens in Glasgow appeared at the Sheriff Clerk Court Kilmarnock where he pleaded guilty to sexual offences against a child

The court heard that Lammie had sent indecent and sexual images to a 14 year old girl via Facebook

Lammie was sentenced to six months in prison and was placed on the sex offenders register for seven years