November 2017

Butcher forced toddler to watch porn before raping her

A butcher has been jailed for eight years after a young woman was finally able to tell her mother what had happened to her as a toddler.

The victim was forced to watch child abuse videos before being raped by Mark Rawlinson, 44, who was found guilty of more than 20 offences.

Her mother revealed that he sat her on his knee as he made her watch the videos before he went on to attack her.

It was only when the girl from Hull started secondary school that the victim plucked up the courage to tell her mother and police about what had happened.

Her mother said: ‘It made me feel so angry and sick. It was beyond me how anyone could do that to a child, let alone my own. He never showed an ounce of remorse in court which is just a whole different level. ‘He just sat there and never made a squeak.

He just kept shaking his head throughout the whole thing. Luckily the jury listened to everything that was said and found him guilty of what he did.’

Describing how the abuse destroyed her confidence, she added: ‘My daughter won’t get into taxis with men and she is very wary around them.

‘Even when she goes to the doctors she cannot see a male doctor. It’s caused her great anxiety, stress, shame and embarrassment.

‘She is so frightened that people will find out it is her but at the same time she knows that people need to know who this monster is and what he has done. He absolutely destroyed her as a young child.’

Despite what happened to her the victim went on to complete her A levels and is now at university. Her mother continued: ‘She is one of my greatest achievements in life.

She is doing with her life what I was never able to and I am so proud of her. 

‘I did everything in my power to push this court case through and as a family we were absolutely over the moon when he got sentenced. ‘This man is a danger to children and I never thought I would I see him brought to justice for what he did.’

Rawlinson, from Bridlington, worked for a butchers in east Hull before setting up his own business in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire in 2013.

He was jailed after a trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Speaking about potential victims, the girl’s mother added: ‘They need to come forward and speak about it. I know it’s scary and I know it’s frightening because I’ve seen my daughter go through it. ‘I know you have to lay out what happened on the table and that is hard but the relief you get from it when it is over is worth it.

‘When he is released I know this man will come back to Hull. He will be an old man in his 60s but he won’t be cured in jail – you can’t cure people like that.

‘He will come out and I believe there will be more victims out there who need to speak out.’