October 2017: Released and back in Oswestry

April 2015

Paedophile sentenced for sexual offences 

A pervert that abused a young girl over a number of years has been jailed

Richard Charles Roe, of Oswestry appeared for trial at Shrewsbury Crown Court where he denied, but was later found guilty by a jury of a number of sexual offences against a child:

  • Gross indecency with a child aged under 13

  • Indecent assault on a child aged under 13

The jury took five & half hours to return their verdicts

The jury was told that the child was aged between six and seven years old when the abuse began.

The prosecution said that the first sexual offences carried out by Roe against the child involved masterbating in front of the six year old, knowing that she could see the act.

The abuse gradually became more abusive, as Roe performed oral sex on the young girl. On one occasion he digitally raped her (when someone rapes a person using their finger or fingers)

The abuse continued over a five year period, finally ending when the child reached 11 years old

Judge Onions sentenced Roe to a total of five years, of which he must serve at least half in prison

Roe was told that he must register as a sex offender for life