September 2017

Drug dealer caught with indecent images of children

A mastermind who sold a deadly drug 100 times more powerful than heroin told a friend: “I know there are bodies out there on me.”

Ross Brennan was at the centre of a £450,000 Breaking Bad -style conspiracy importing and selling Class A drug fentanyl, and was fully aware of the danger he was putting customers in, a court heard.

Brennan, 27, who ran the operation from his flat in York, was described by a judge as a “sophisticated and arrogant 21st century criminal” as he and Gledhill were jailed for more than 18 years between them 

A court heard Brennan told a friend he was selling hundreds of bags of drugs “in his sleep” and a raid of his flat in Huntington, York, in September last year unveiled tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of drugs and mixing equipment.

Brennan was arrested at a flat in Great Northern Street, Huddersfield, where officers found even more drugs.

Brennan was jailed for 13 years and eight months for his part in the conspiracy after pleading guilty to conspiracy to import and supply class A drugs and money laundering. He also admitted making and distributing indecent images of children which were found during forensic examinations of his computer.