October 2017

Man found child abuse images on his brother’s computer

A paedophile has avoided prison after he was reported to police when his brother found indecent images of children

Officers discovered 900 indecent images of children including of a baby and a boy aged around 3 being sexually abused

But in total, police found 102,000 images

Anna Price prosecuting, said the brother had decided to check whether Mark Wilkinson, 26 of Russell Road, Rhyl had deleted a picture of a naked women that was known to them

But he noticed Wilkinsons sexual interest in children and realised he needed to tell the police

Unemployed Wilkinson, received an 8 month suspended sentence with 200 hours of community serve.

Recorder Peter Rouch QC told Wilkinson that he must also attend a group for men who have been convicted of sexual offences

A sexual harm prevention order was made and he must register as a sex offender