October 2017

Sick Derbyshire ex-miner who lives on canal boat had child abuse and animal sex pics

A former Derbyshire miner downloaded sick child abuse images after logging on to a chat room to discuss his interest in cross-dressing.

Derby Crown Court was told how police found almost 70 extreme pornographic images of people engaged in sexual activity with animals when they analysed Andrew Pickbourne’s laptop.

Additionally, they found indecent images of children as young as four having sex with adults and stories written by someone pretending to be a child talking about sexual activity.

Handing Pickbourne, of Shardlow, a 12-month prison term, suspended for two years, Judge Jonathan Bennett said: “What the public rightly recognise is that this is not just you looking at material that does no harm.

“When you are viewing it, you are looking at a real image of a child that is being abused.

“What aggravates your case is that you viewed them over a lengthy period of time and your offending covers children as young as four years old in the images and films.

“But I recognise you are 64 years of age and you have never been in trouble before.

“I have read how you feel you were unfairly dismissed from your last job at the age of 62 and, in your own words, you feel like you are ‘on the scrap heap’.”

Lucky Thandi, prosecuting, said police carried out a search warrant at Pickbourne’s former home in Shirebrook, after information was received that his internet address had downloaded the child images.

She said: “When asked about why he thought they had come to his home he acknowledged he knew something about the matter.

“His Acer laptop was seized and analysed and on it were found 47 still and moving images of and indecent nature including the most serious category A.

“Also discovered were 67 extreme pornographic images showing beastiality.”

Miss Thandi then described in detail what some of the category A movies contained which is too graphic for publication.

She said: “He was interviewed and admitted he was responsible for downloading and viewing the images and had done so for around 18 months.

“He said he entered an online chat room to discuss cross dressing males which he was interested.”

Pickbourne, formerly of Carter Lane, Shirebrook but who the court heard now lives on a narrow boat in Shardlow, pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing indecent images of children and a fourth count of possessing extreme pornographic images in relation to the animal porn.