October 2017

Depraved man burnt two-year-old child with cigarette and smashed her head against radiator during campaign of abuse

A depraved and sadistic man burnt a two-year-old child with a cigarette, smashed her head against a radiator and left her beaten and gagged as part of a month-long campaign of abuse.

Nathan Thomas Fox has been jailed for the sickening toddler abuse which included locking her in a cupboard, forcing her to lick food off the floor and smothering her face with a pillow.

Fox, 21, of Kirton in Lindsey, admitted causing the tot serious physical harm and child cruelty between February and March 2012.

A female co-defendant also admitted allowing serious physical harm of the child

Prosecuting, John Thackray, told Hull Crown Court Fox deliberately fractured the girl’s arm and beat her so badly she had bruises across her nose, arm, chest and abdomen.

“It is not known precisely how the fracture was caused,” Mr Thackray said.

“But medical exams show the fracture is consistent with twisting or bending.

“The child was subject to emotional abuse, being locked in a cupboard and forced to lick food off the floor.

“The child was gagged with socks and a quilt cover, had food forced down her throat and was punched on her body and legs.

“Fox also covered her face with his hands and hit her head on a radiator.”

Mr Thackray added that the female co-defendant assisted Fox by covering the child’s injuries with make-up and telling police she had fallen down stairs.

In messages exchanged between the defendants, Mr Thackray said Fox wrote he hurt the child because “she would not shut up” and it was revealed he had “picked the child up by her head.”

It was not until the girl was taken to accident and emergency by family members that police and social services became involved.

The female defendant made admissions to police at the first opportunity, but Fox denied any wrongdoing.

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told the female defendant her “paralysis of action” in protecting the child was “shameful.”

To Fox, he said: “For any human being to do that to another human being is unspeakable.

“To do it to a child defies all understanding.”

He sentenced Fox to seven years imprisonment and the female defendant was handed a two-year prison sentence, suspended for two years.